Illustration for Business

We use illustration across many media dependent on what our clients require or if it will work within a particular project. Illustration can create a unique experience for your clients. We can create icons or illustrations to enhance and strengthen your company’s brand.

A personal video scribe in a sketch form can be used on your website, social media or anything else you have in mind, for simply encapsulating your whole business/website in a couple of minutes.

CGI & Perspective Illustrations

Creative Patrick has been producing illustrations for developers & estate agents alike since we were established back in the early 80s, so we are fully equipped to handle any projects from single dwellings to developments. We have a broad range of clients in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and London.

We originally started with hand drawn and watercolour illustrations and still do so today for some of our clients who prefer it, especially if it suits the style of the development they want us to portray.

We also use CGI visuals to demonstrate how the development will look before it’s built – this generally helps to sell the property off plan before laying a single brick. Our clients also use these visuals to help push a development/dwelling or extension to an existing property through planning.

Floor & Site plans

Working from floor plans and elevations provided by the architect we are able to produce these beautiful perspective illustration/CGIs. We also produce clean floor and site plans in a simple or more artistic way or in the project’s brand colour. This is what we can offer:

  • Hand Illustrated Watercolours
  • Exterior CGIs (Computer Generated Illustrations)
  • Interior CGIs
  • Walkthrough CGIs
  • Floor Plans
  • Site Plans
  • Photo and CGI showing property in situ (often used for planning)
  • Illustrative Videos

Some visuals produced