Hosting & Support


Once your new website is completed we can offer you different options for support and maintenance dependent on what you and your business require.

These may include support for ongoing alterations, improvements and functional requirements.

Content Management

If you’d prefer to leave the content management to us, that’s not a problem. We’re happy to do so by adding your content, in the form of articles for your blogs, copy updates, images, promotions or anything else you’d like to show your customers.


Some of our clients prefer to be supported this way as they can pick and choose what they want on a month by month basis.

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Secure Web Hosting

We offer different hosting options for your website. Our secure shared servers provide maximum uptime of your website as well as ensuring the server is maintained for security.

Should any problem arise we are there to sort as efficiently as possible.

Backups of your website are kept off-site and are made on a weekly basis.

Email Setup

We offer professional secure email through our servers. We help you set up your email eg. [email protected] on your system if required. This can be a combination of several mailboxes over a multitude of devices such as desktops, phones and tablets. We will send you clear instructions on how to set up, however, we’re here on hand to help if needed.

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