HUFC Veterans 30 Mile Drop Challenge

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Matt is a player for Hadleigh United Football Club Veterans and when this incredibly sad news came out about his friend and team mate it sent a shockwave through him and the team.

This was very personal project to him hence why we donated the branding, digital leaflet, social branding, posters and banners to gain as much sponsorship as possible. I’ll also be one of the veterans representing HUFC for this challenge, so if you’d be kind enough to sponsor whatever you can for us, it’ll will be much appreciated!

HUFC Vets strive to go above and beyond just playing football, they do a lot for the community from help with hanging Christmas trees on the high Street to devoting their time visiting the local care home, simply just chatting and having a laugh with some of their residents. We help support team members when needed and of course throw in some harmless banter about the changing room or down the pub at the George Inn, Hadleigh (our sponsor) we are a football team after all! We often joke with the phrase “Vets Love” hence why at CP we designed this Emblem/logo to portray this feel.

HUFC Veterans 30 Mile Drop,

Fund Raising Event for ACT Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust

The Story

In June 2018 our players daughter Isabelle Kossick was transferred to Addenbrooke’s Hospital to undergo intense treatment for leukaemia.



The C2 ward at Addenbrooke’s treats all children with different types of Cancer. The majority of the amazing facilities on the ward including the children’s playroom, school and play area are all charity funded. The ward also has play team specialists that not only keep the children entertained during their stay. they also assist in distraction therapy, which can support them during cannulas being fitted for Radiotherapy.

Without funding none of these facilities or staff would be available for the children to use.

The Challenge

The HUFC Veterans are competing against each other in an arduous “30 mile drop”
Teams of 4 will be blindfolded and dropped 30 miles from home in the dark with nothing but their intuition (and some basic kit!).
The first team home will be crowned Champions!

The teams will not be allowed any cash/mobile phones any mode of transport and have just 24hrs to make it home… and there maybe a few surprise challenges along the way!
We will “tag” each team so you will be able to track them live online and follow their journeys. Hopefully they will be going in the right direction!

Come and see them depart on their epic journey on Fri 5th July 6.30pm @ HUFC Tinkers lane Hadleigh

Please Support the HUFC Vets in this challenge and raise £2,000 + for this fantastic charity ACT Addenbrooke’s Charitable Trust DONATE NOW


If you wish to donate gifts, cash or purchase some tickets for the huge raffle prize draw please go to our Facebook Event Page and private message us and we’ll get back to you asap.  CLICK HERE for Facebook Event page

For more information please read the online leaflet by click the on the below

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